About Us

About Impulse

Impulse was established to be a unique venture capital company that transfers technology into the region through its investments.Impulse invests in high potential companies that are fully developed or at the forefront of developing new technologies, utilizing its investment tools such as Private Equity, Venture Capital and Direct Investment to lead both government and private sectors in the development and application of leading edge technology.

Impulse has a robust and clear perspective on emerging technologies, combined with its deep understanding of the market changes which made it a valued Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions provider for operators, governments and start-ups. Impulse’s strength lies partly in its diverse portfolio companies globally that provide a broad array of technology solutions and caters specifically to the MENA region So, whether you are seeking a strategic investor to help grow your company, or a local technology partner to assist executes technology projects, Impulse is positioned to deliver that.

Our History

Impulse was established by the National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) in 2012 to take over the direct investment activities of NTEC in the ICT field, investing in the MENA region and Kuwait. Impulse provides both investment and assisting organizations in investing in their operations using technology..


Identify emerging technologies as investment opportunities, and provide solutions locally using these technologies.
Impulse is uniquely positioned to drive change by bringing innovative technology and business enrichment solutions closer to you.

Funding Innovation

Innovation is at the core of the Impulse’s long-term success, and it is embedded throughout its investments and services. Impulse continually strives to be at the forefront of corporate innovation best practices.