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Invincea Online Safety and Cyber Survival Guide

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‘Tis The Season To Celebrate… but be Cyber-crime Conscious

Now that the annual shopping binge is underway with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are forced to confront the rituals that some relish, while many others dread. Fortunately, those who appreciate the solace of a fine browser or mobile app can participate in the online madness without the human sport of elbow-to-elbow retail competition. According to a recent Accenture survey, more than half of respondents preferred online shopping to visiting stores. Even those who end up braving stores often use the Web for things like comparing prices and downloading coupons.

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Helping Users Prevent Data Breaches is Hard – But Dell and Invincea Are Making It Possible

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At Invincea, we’re proud of the partnership we’ve built with Dell over the last two years, which protects millions of Dell users from advanced attacks.  Through the creation of Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace, an OEM version of Invincea that Dell ships on all commercial PCs, Dell and Invincea are bringing advanced threat protection within the reach of any customer – from small businesses with IT teams of one or two professionals to Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

“We are proud to be partnering with a pioneer like Invincea to help our clients defend against cyber-attacks threatening their businesses.” – Dell

Invincea (via Protected Workspace) plays a central role in the Dell Data Protection family, protecting data and users from all untrusted content – even thwarting advanced persistent threats and zero-day exploits. AsDell explained, “It puts Dell at the forefront of the industry with the ability to offer the most secure PCs in the world. We are proud to be partnering with a pioneer like Invincea to help our clients defend against cyber-attacks threatening their businesses.”

Recently, Brett Hansen, Executive Director and GM, Dell Data Security Solutions, participated in a CSM Passcode event where he explained the pressing challenges Dell and Invincea are solving for customers.  What I found noteworthy, starting at 4:47 in this video, were some comments that I’ve highlighted below.

Data Breach Prevention Series: Weaponized Documents are Dominant Malware Delivery Vector

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Welcome to the October edition of Invincea’s advanced threat report series, in which we reveal the key threat trends encountered and stopped in the wild by Invincea. This post provides insight into the latest malware and attack vectors that are evading security controls such as next-generation firewalls, network sandboxes, and anti-virus – based on Invincea’s uniquely broad and global view into the threat landscape.

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