Our Services

ICT Infrastructure

Impulse provides a specialist infrastructure management for an organization’s ICT hardware and software, ensuring that they would continue in a robust operating environment that’s also resistant to future issues.

ICT Services

Impulse ICT services include software development to custom-fit an organization and help it achieve their goals, reduce waste, and optimize their business for success. For a company to succeed it has to look for the following benefits gained by ICT solutions:
Help manage resources
Reduce Waste – may it be time and manpower
Decrease Turnover Time
Provide Tracking/Monitoring systems
Gather Feedback and allow rating

Cloud Computing

Businesses can benefit from physical and virtual servers, data backup and disaster recovery sites (in the case of power outages). Reducing both operational and capital expenses, our cloud computing solutions come with SaaS.

BPO Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions are always available if our clients need to reduce costs by outsourcing. Impulse assists organizations by:
Understand the requirements of the customer and prepare conclusive Request for Proposals (RFP).
Recommend qualified service providers.
Audition the service providers to get the best fit.
Prepare a workflow and assign the points of contact in each process.
Have the whole process accessible via a dashboard.


mobile number portability

Our solution allowed customers of Zain Telecom, Ooredoo, and Viva Telecom to keep their phone lines when changing telecom service providers. Mobile number portability was managed by the three telecom companies in coordination with the Ministry of Communications. This has helped bring back consumer confidence back in the telecom serving industry and has given life to a healthy competition among the service providers.

applied ict infrastructure

Today Kuwait’s Fatwa and Legislation Department can successfully monitor their manpower and documents via RFID tracking and in both indoor and outdoor checkpoints. This provides Fatwa with additional visibility, efficiency and security by providing them better control over their access protocols.

consulting kuwait’s ministry of communication

Impulse worked with Kuwait’s Ministry of Communication to efficiently provide BPO solutions when the Ministry required it. This includes understanding the requirements, audition the service providers, prepare a workflow and assign the points of contact in each process and have the whole process accessible via a dashboard.

impulse partners

As part of Impulse’s vision of providing at the core of Kuwait’s technology projects, it has partnered with these leading companies.
· Bitrix 24 – Providing the technology for maximum efficiency of communication and work.
· FutureTEC – One of the leading IT Solutions providers in Kuwait.
· Veilux – A world leader in providing technologies for the video security industry.


for profitable

Our approach to sustainability inspired by the continuous demand for technology services . Impulse ICT services can be applied to help achieve supreme green corporate objectives to achieve a better quality of work and maintain the growth and development.

As more companies contain a green element in their corporate strategies, understanding and applying Green ICT initiatives is becoming more important due to the growing global awareness of the environmental issues.